For both patients or consumers and entities covered by the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, there are specific forms that you need to fill-up for information requests, data sharing and health care practitioners who will be allowed in the room or facility during specific medical procedures.

HIPAA Forms are available for download from certain websites on the internet such as hipaa.ucsf.edu and you may also obtain these from your medical facility such as your preferred clinic or hospital.

It is important that these forms be well-documented so should anything amiss occur, all concerned entities have legal records of these forms.

Various HIPAA Forms

There are a number of forms available for consumers’ needs as well as forms that provide legal consent from consumer to medical practitioners, volunteers and visitors.

These forms may vary depending on the medical facility or medical practitioner you will be obtaining them from. Basically however, these forms cover the abovementioned areas as well as other specifications as decided upon by the medical facility or practitioner.

For some medial institutions, there is a Confidentiality Statement that concerned individuals must sign in order to be legally held responsible for any violations that could otherwise make the medical institution be liable for such violations.

Other forms include Request for Accounting Disclosure, Consents and Authorizations such as Consent for Presence of Observer During Medical Procedure and Nursing Care, and Consent for Minor Visitors to volunteers in medical institutions.

An important form that consumers or patients also need to look into is the Data Sharing form. This form will allow the patient to decide on who gets a copy of their medical record including medical billings.

Other Important HIPAA Forms

If you are a relative of a deceased former patient, you will also be asked to fill-up certain forms if you wish to obtain medical records of your deceased relative. You may also be asked to submit other requirements together with the form to validate your claim of being a relative of the deceased.

If you wish to give your medical records for research, marketing purposes, court proceedings or any other purpose, there are likewise corresponding forms that you need to fill-up and sign.

On the other hand, if you are a parent of a minor patient and wish to obtain the patient’s medical record, some medical institutions will require you to fill-out and sign a request form even if you have already proven that you are the legal guardian or parent of the patient.

These forms will release the medical institution from liabilities should anything amiss happen resulting from your possession of the records.

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